ThermaCote, Inc.   (National Supplier)

Thomas Sharp, Jr.
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Lawrenceville, GA, United States 30044

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ThermaCote, Inc.

For over 30 years, ThermaCote®, Inc. has developed and produced a line of technologically-advanced weather barrier and protective coatings that add energy efficiency and safety to any substrate or structure. Our products seal the envelope of any structure, and do not pollute the indoor or outdoor environments to which they are applied. Our purpose is to provide our customers with efficient solutions to address energy loss and safety concerns, corrosion problems and personnel protection through products which as well improve other building and engineering disciplines. We do what is needed to develop tailored and sometimes very specific application solutions for our customers, to fit their requirements.

ThermaCote® weather barrier coating is certified for indoor air quality, CHPS approved, and is a CRRC rated product. With built-in corrosion protection, ThermaCote® is the perfect primer or topcoat for new or existing projects protecting substrates, including sheetrock, wood, concrete, plastic, steel, and industrial applications. ThermaCote® helps seal the envelope of any structure. UL Classified product with a 0 Flame spread and low smoke development makes ThermaCote® the professional’s choice.

Efficient planning for your building’s envelope.

Substantial energy savings - through increased energy efficiency on an existing building by providing extra protection for insulation that has degraded over time. This prevents hot or cool air from escaping the building, leading to less energy usage. This application also takes work off of a buildings HVAC-R unit and extends the life of their product.

Longevity & protection -ThermaCote® seals substrates which fights corrosion, weatherization, and abrasion. Any porous substrate is able to be sealed, which extends the life of the substrate and protects it from any outside forces.

Sustainable and green - ThermaCote® is environmentally friendly with ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a water-based acrylic formula

ThermaCote® thermal barrier coating is ideal for protecting a building’s envelope from harsh environmental conditions. It can be used with new construction or with retrofit projects and offers superior corrosion resistance—making it perfect for indoor or outdoor applications. You’ll also save money in energy costs and improve your company’s carbon footprint.

ThermaCote® will adhere to almost any surface which is properly prepared and thoroughly cleaned, dry, and free from all dirt, debris, rust, grease, oil, and any other foreign substance. Coverage should average 50 square feet per gallon at 20 mils thickness on flat surfaces, and approximately 80 square feet a gallon on smooth metal surfaces at 13 WMT.

For more than 30 years, ThermaCote® has developed and produced a line of technologically advanced weather barriers and protective coatings to seal the envelope of any structure without polluting the environment. We strive to provide energy-efficient solutions that are tailored to fit your requirements in a cost-efficient manner. When you’re ready to use our thermal or weather barrier coating, contact ThermaCote, Inc. receive a quote for your projects.


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Painting/Coating Material
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