Tractel Swingstage   (National Supplier)

Jason Bryant
7 Mt Lassen Drive, suite D-132
San Raphael, CA, United States 94903

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Company Description:

Tractel® Inc. Swingstage® is a leader in the design, engineering, manufacture and supply of building facade maintenance equipment. More of the major projects are equipped by Tractel than any other manufacturer.


• Roofcars: Roofcars provide a complete external access to buildings. The hoist at roof level removes limitations imposed by the need to feed power to the platform and usually makes these systems the only solution for tall buildings.

• Davit Carriages with Powered Platforms: Designed for low, mid, and high-rise buildings. The Powered Platform features Tirak® powered hoist, which is the only traction hoist that has dual reelers integral with the main drive shaft. Virtually eliminating slack wire rope problems common with other hoists.

• Portable Davits with Powered Platforms: Tractel‘s two-piece davits are designed for easy movement and optimum positioning of the powered stage platform.

• Monorail and Rolling Ladders: For recessed or overhanging facades, and the inside of glazed atriums, rolling ladders, monorail systems, and Railscaf® are frequently the best practical solutions.

• TRAVSAFE® Horizontal Lifelines: Designed to protect users equipped with a harness and lanyard from falls as they traverse the safety line.

• Safety Tieback Anchors: A complete range of safety tieback anchors meeting or exceeding all local and national codes.


Tractel® Inc. Swingstage® provides:

• Experience in retrofitting older buildings

• Full liability coverage on our equipment

• Compliance with all national codes

• Superior design and engineering

• Full building facade maintenance



• In-house engineering, design, manufacturing and quality control

• Some of the most reliable equipment in the industry

• Full Liability coverage on equipment, one of the best in the industry

• Equipment that works and is fully compliant with all national and local codes



Product Information:
A Powered Davit on rooftop track, suspending a Swingstage® Tracmod® suspended platform. Designed, engineered, manufactured and installed by Tractel® Inc. Swingstage® Division.

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