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Company Description:

In today's highly competitive Commercial Real Estate industry, there has never been a greater need for accurate, CAD based, As-Built Floorplans. Be it for sales and lease marketing, or architectural / interior design, space planning base drawings, or computerized facility / property management data, LASERTECH Floorplans has developed the technology and a range of services that has allowed us to be the first to meet the needs of this industry on a cost effective, international basis.

 Using our proprietary building survey software system (LTS) and proven methodology that allows us to provide laser accurate As-Built CAD drawings and related products in a timely and extremely cost-effective manner to the Commercial Real Estate, Interior Design, and Architectural industries, we will continue our industry-leading service and pricing with our goal to establish the LASERTECH Floorplans System as THE Standard to which all As-Built providers are compared to.

At LASERTECH Floorplans, we measure over 20 million sq.ft. of buildings (all types and sizes) per year, and have been providing this service for over 15 years now, throughout North America, and even world wide!  Our survey software is proprietary, and is what sets us apart from all competitors, allowing us to collect measurments and create CAD drawings ‘on the fly’, faster and more accurately than any other system in existence.  The end product is standard Autocad files, which can be used by an architect or designer, as well as PDFs and digital photos.  Anything that can be seen we can measure and document!

Basic Services:

Laser Measured As-Built Floor Plans – we capture all base building, demising and partition walls, columns, doors, windows, stairs, elevators, escalators, built-in millwork, major plumbing fixtures, room names/numbers, location map and key plan. Also available: reflected ceiling plans, evacuation plans, power/communication plans, furniture layouts, elevations, and sections.

Expert Area Analysis - BOMA Office (BOMA 2010, BOMA 1996, BOMA 1980), BOMA/SIOR Industrial 2009, BOMA Retail 2010, Gross Areas of a Building or Lease-Specific/Custom Analysis etc. 

LASERTECH Floorplans was the first Official and Exclusive BOMA Measurment Standards Interpreter, appointed by BOMA back in 2004.  Though we no longer serve in that role, we have continued to work closely with BOMA on all the new Standards, and are thoroughly familiar with their application in all buildings and situations.

Color Area Schematics – floor plans illustrating the allocation of all building areas.

Suite drawings – individual suites can be enlarged to fit an 8.5x11 sheet, showing as much or little information as required.  Great for lease or marketing

Area Certificate Letter - a certificate on our letterhead confirming the methodology employed and the resulting area.

Digital Photographs – anything from a few photos for your records, useful for identifying and marketing properties, right up to full and extensive photo documentation, including close-ups of all equipment and utility panels.

Free Web Portal Hosting - all completed files are hosted and delivered on our Facility Management system, referred to as our BOMA Portal. The Portal consolidates all of your building files for secure 24x7x365 access from any web browser. It is completely free and your account never expires. The full CAFM system underlaying the Portal is a very sophisticated full Facility Management system, and can be customized for your use as required.

Additional Services:

  • Revit/BIM 3D models
  • 3D Laser Scanning - dimensionally correct point clouds of building interior/exteriors
  • BOMA Area Analysis on YOUR existing files
  • Proposed lease plans – reconfigure existing layouts, ‘what if’ leasing scenarios, quick/easy/economical!
  • Paper to CAD conversion – convert your dusty old blueprints to CAD for less than you might think!

Local Association(s): BOMA Victoria; BOMA National Associate Member;  IFMA;  APPA, ICSC

Product Information:
• Laser-accurate as-built floorplans • BOMA lease plans and Area certifications • Full-detail Architectural as-builts • Marketing drawings • Lease attachments • Evacuation plans • Paper to CAD conversions • 3D modelling (Revit) • Photo documentation

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