Metropolis Group, Inc.

22 Cortlandt Street #10
New York, NY 10007

Phone: View Phone Number212-233-6344

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Company Description:


To Deliver a Legally Compliant Building, Approved for Occupancy.


1. Pre Planning
2. Preparation of Filing Documents
3. Approval Process
4. Permitting Process
5. Sign Off, Certificate of Occupancy
6. Delivering a Legalized Building

"Building codes change constantly. Owners and developers need to anticipate and pre-empt changes before they occur. Metropolis provides this intelligence and expertise." - Frank Fortino 

Metropolis Group, Inc. was established in 1988 by Frank Fortino, President & CEO, who works tirelessly with and for the developers, architects, contractors, and trade professionals who build Manhattan’s skyline. Frank holds a Bachelor of Arts and Architecture Degree from NYIT. He oversees the administrative, technical, and financial divisions of the firm. His dedication, focus and passion for his work enable him to be an outstanding communicator, decision maker, leader, and manager. He plans, directs, and coordinates operational activities, sets the company’s goals and benchmarks, and develops business expansion by attaining new clients. Frank meets with each department head to develop the overall objectives of the company, and determines and formulates policies and business strategies that cultivate the firm’s long term vision. Frank’s business philosophy is based on the recognition that there are two key ingredients to a successful firm: satisfied clients and productive employees. The staff at Metropolis Group possesses an enormous amount of technical knowledge. This skill level, coupled with an unmatched proficiency in total project coordination, results in projects of the highest quality which are unparalleled in attention to detail.

Metropolis Group, Inc. guides building developers and owners through the process of achieving and retaining compliance for their properties. The company provides a single point of contact that effectively navigates through New York City’s Department of Buildings and critical City Agencies, to coordinate the completion of construction from beginning to end. This approach ensures that new buildings surpass legal building standards,existing buildings remain up to code,and violations are swiftly resolved. 

Frank believes in building enduring relationships based on honesty, integrity, and mutual respect.

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Code Consulting
Property Management
General Contractors
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New York